SEENET-MTP seminar series on Theoretical Physics is aimed at providing review lectures for researchers, postdocs and students from the SEENET-MTP Countries, Europe and all over the world on topics in Theoretical Physics, mostly in High Energy physics, i.e.

  • Quantum filed Theory
  • Particle Physics
  • Quantum gravity and strings
  • Cosmology, Infaltion theory, Early universe
  • Holography and AdS/CFT, including holography and
  • Black holes and related subjects from Theoretical Physics in general.

The seminars are expected to have about 1 hour for the main plus discussions.

The principal schedule is one seminar per month on Wednesday at 17:00 CET time. This may be occasionally adjusted due to request of speakers.

The seminars and afterwards discussions will be zoom-based. Talk proposals and other inquires can be submitted through the seminar e-mail (see below).

Program is available here.

Organizing Committee

  • Mirela Babalic (IFIN-HH, Bucharest)
  • Marija Dimitrijević Ćirić (University of Belgrade)
  • Goran Djordjević (University of Niš)
  • Ioannis Rizos (University of Ioannina)

Technical support

  • Milan Milošević (University of Niš)

Contact: office@seenet-mtp.info